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This is a super secret message.
And if you're reading this, kudos to you. (And you look great today, by the way.)

I would like to buy new clothes, but I would also like to be able to eat for the next week.


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#the struggle  #was gonna buy final boss veigar but nah  #was gonna buy new shoes but nah  #gonna save my money because i'm smart like that woo 

Patiently waiting for the day that dark under eye circles go into style.

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#i will truly be trendy when that day comes 
white girls who happen to be wearing vaguely similar things:twinsies!!!!!
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#yes are shoes are both black  #no we are not twinsies 
Life Hack.

If someone tells you to meet at a certain time, arrive 15 minutes late.

And even then, you’ll still probably arrive before them.

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#Bruh make a time and commit to it  #don't say meet at 10 and then leave your house at 10:05 or whatever  #c'mon man 

If it takes me a while to text you back, it’s not because I’m trying to seem cool. It’s because I’m running out of interesting things to say so I’m trying to space out my responses so it takes you longer to realize how uninteresting I am.

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#basically I'm stalling for time 

My parents went to South Korea recently and they brought home a box of nail clippers with little flags on them.

… Hooray?

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#thaaaaaanks mom  #thaaaaaaanks dad  #*cuts nails*  #this one's for you esskay 

Listening to people speak English with different accents/dialects is such an adventure.

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#i love it  #like 'what in the bay area you guys say hella??'  #we say that in socal too unfortunately