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This is a super secret message.
And if you're reading this, kudos to you. (And you look great today, by the way.)

how you gonna tell me someone has an ugly smile

how is a manifestation of happiness anything but beautiful

— 2 days ago with 29 notes

good skin happens to bad people

— 3 days ago with 20 notes

Going to LA for the weekend, haaaaaay.

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#haaaaaaaaaaay  #funfunfun  #nice weather pls 

Oh my god, I was in the Walmart parking lot and some teenage girl was doing pirouettes and slammed into a car.


— 4 days ago with 9 notes
#got no technique  #nojk but seriously this WOULD happen at walmart 

My sister was about to throw me an ice pack, but I told her not to, because I didn’t want to

catch a cold.


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#Get it?  #I was dying but my sister wasn't too amused 

I rolled out of bed and rushed to rehearsal, because I was running late.

And later during the day, some girl was like, “You’re doing something different with your hair, I really like it!”

Okay, wait.

So whenever I try to do my hair and, like, style it with product, it’s nothing special, but then the day I literally go out with bed head, it’s nice? o k

— 1 week ago with 12 notes
#i was like 'thanks! .......... sigh'  #nojk i wasn't mad i was like 'oh hey someone likes my hair today nice'  #maybe i should never wash it ever 

I’ve been having nightmares the past week, is this something to be worried about or

— 1 week ago with 10 notes
#not like AHHHH NIGHTMARES just like when i wake up i'm all  #feeling bad and whatnot