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This is a super secret message.
And if you're reading this, kudos to you. (And you look great today, by the way.)

I’ve been having nightmares the past week, is this something to be worried about or

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#not like AHHHH NIGHTMARES just like when i wake up i'm all  #feeling bad and whatnot 

I was eating ice cream and I got curious as to why people think biting it with teeth is so strange, so I gave it a try.

the moral of the story is just don’t

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#The chills  #The chills penetrated my soul like my ancestors probably felt it holy crap 
Anonymous asked: Do you have a bf ? ;)


Yeah, I used to, but basically, the job wasn’t getting done, yaknow? c;

So I upgraded.


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#only because rushing BT isn't viable anymore sigh 

One of the most emotional songs of my childhood.

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#just the first few notes already makes me want to cry 

It’s truly refreshing having good friends that actually support you.

I told one of my friends about my “crazy” ideas and he just looked at me and said, “Why?” Of course, I’m tired of explaining myself to people, so I just said, “Because I want to.”

And he just goes, “Oh, okay.”

That’s it. End of discussion.



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#like it's so much harder being around people that don't get you  #yaknow?  #and after a while you get tired of having to explain yourself  #and then that one person is takes 'because i want to' as more than enough justification  #ugh