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me to dog:awww what's your name?
owner:his name is _____.
me:uhm i was asking him???
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Dude, forget alcohol.

I can make stupid decisions on my own.

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What does Mars and I have in common?

No life!

haha! haha… ha… sigh

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I hate it when my friends go out and don’t invite me.

i mean I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway, but still, they should feel bad for not inviting me

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I was super excited and told my dad that I just got promoted, and he goes, “You finally have a job?”

I meant that I finally hit Gold II.

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Anonymous asked: Could you explain what's upsetting about straight allies getting scholarships?


This ask is referencing this post, by the way. I reblogged it last night saying that it was upsetting, but deleted it.

I’m about 300% sure that this was sent last night and I didn’t see it until now, but one of the reasons (and the biggest issue that I have with it) is that it’s rewarding straight allies for their “efforts”, despite the fact that a straight ally’s privileges still exist at the end of the day as opposed to an LGBTetc. person, who struggles with it on a day-by-day basis.

I’m not here to argue on the morality of minority scholarships in general (that’s for another time), but I’m just saying that if these scholarships are to exist, they are to give aid to those who are constantly marginalized.

Yes, being a straight ally is great and all, but the point of it being that people shouldn’t really be rewarded for supporting minorities because that’s literally just being a decent human being. I believe that everyone should be an “ally” to any minority. For example, people shouldn’t really be rewarded for being anti-racism or anti-misogyny. It’s generally uncommon for someone to experience prejudice or backlash for coming forward as a straight ally, especially in comparison to coming forward as queer. There’s not a trend of straight allies being disowned by their families, being kicked out of their homes, being ostracized by their peers, being murdered, and so on, while statistically, LGBTetc. youth make up a substantial percentage of these cases. A straight ally can stand outside and picket and argue and do whatever they’d like, but at the end of the day, they can put their signs down and return home, while us LGBT people can’t just put our label down (besides hiding ourselves, but how healthy is that?). So no, I don’t think straight allies should be rewarded for their efforts. I will always be grateful to them for being our allies and using their voices to help speak for us, but yeah.

It just irks me how non-minority people sometimes have this strange sense of entitlement that “if they get this, then I should too”. This applies to race too. This form of equality (giving everyone the same opportunities, instead of giving more opportunities to those who are less privileged) like that sounds good on paper, but in reality, these groups are constantly oppressed and giving them a few more opportunities to succeed sounds pretty just to me. It just sounds egotistical and selfish to me, personally.

But that’s just my opinion.

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I want to be left alone, but at the same time, I want to be smothered with affection.

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