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This is a super secret message.
And if you're reading this, kudos to you. (And you look great today, by the way.)

I remember once my acting teacher told me to act like a cat in front of the class, so I did and he was all, “Great! Amazing! Look at the way he embodies the cat! He’s been practicing!”

and then he gave me a B- on it, like wtf

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#like wow that was kinda rude tbh  #got my hopes up and then i get a B- 

when you need to take an important call but your bae won’t chill for a second


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My time as a company member at Temecula Dance Company has finally come to an end, and I’m on to other endeavors. I honestly just want to thank everyone at TDC for being a part of my life and giving something to look forward to every day. Thank you to all my teachers not only for teaching me how to dance, but for giving me the opportunity to be passionate and fearless. In the past few years, I’ve grown tremendously as a dancer and as a human being, and I will never be anything but grateful to you. Even though I’ll miss dancing alongside everyone on stage, I’ll still be around. (And sorry for crying so much after the show, I couldn’t help it.)

Also, the number I was in won the grand prize in Las Vegas and I was personally awarded with the Most Improved in Ballet by my dance company.

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#what a way to end my time as a company member  #i posted this on facebook but yeah  #it means a lot to me  #and i'm going to miss everyone  #but i won't forget where i came from  #starting to tear up again i'm gonna stop  #Myself. 

Dear body,

I know you probably hate me right now, but trust me, you’ll thank me in the long run.

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I’m at a hospital right now, and this baby’s been screaming for the past five minutes. And I lean over to my brother and, being the smart alec I am, say, “At least it can’t get any louder.”

And immediately after, another baby starts screaming right behind me.

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#'at least it can't get any worse'  #*things instantly get worse* 

Yaknow how some people look good in all photos, while some people only look good in some photos?

yeah well i’m neither

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Lately, I’ve been getting compliments on my character — I’ve been told that I have a gentle soul, I’m funny, I’m warm-hearted, and whatnot.

And even though I’m rarely complimented on my looks or the way I dress, I actually think I prefer this.

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#Yeah like others are super attractive and whatnot  #and I may not be that but I'm trying to be the best person I can be  #and yeah idk  #it just makes me happy